7 Ways New Technology Can Keep Business Travellers Sane

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7 Ways New Technology Can Keep Business Travellers Sane

Travelling for business used to be a hugely stressful experience, with poor communications and lack of contact affecting vital business decisions.

But contemporary travellers move in a different landscape, with a wealth of virtual technology and clever apps keeping them connected.

Here are some essential digital features to take the stress out of business travel.

  1. The virtual office

Take your virtual office with you wherever you go in the world. Cloud-based technology, hand-held devices and smart apps are revolutionising the way we do business.

Use your mobile to access customer records, files and documents stored on the cloud. This enables you to stay connected in a taxi, hotel room, airport or overseas board room – wherever you have an internet connection.

  1. Virtual phone numbers

Get a Zintel 1300 or 1800 number and have calls routed to your mobile, staff or colleagues when you’re travelling, making sure no calls are missed. Voice-to-email, call routing, call overflow and customised greeting options all ensure your company gives a highly professional image even when you’re not there in person.

  1. Airport apps

Track the real-time flight status and journey of any commercial flight worldwide with the Flightaware flight tracker, a free app for iPad, iPhone or Android. This provides comprehensive flight information, including arrival and departure terminals and redirection details.

  1. GPS navigation

There’s nothing like a GPS tracker to help you get from A to B with minimum fuss. Never stress over a map again with the latest in navigation aids.

Choose between a stand-alone device or smartphone app and enjoy audio directions, text to speech and real-time traffic updates.

  1. Carefully selected hotel rooms

Not all hotel rooms are created equal. If you’re a business traveller, you need to know your chosen hotel will provide the latest in Wi-Fi and iPod, iPhone and iPad docking and charging solutions. A proper desk, chair and work lamp is also important.

Comfort alone doesn’t cut it any more. Hotel rooms need to be able to transform into virtual offices to suit ever more discerning business guests.

  1. Translation apps

Take your pick from a range of translation apps available.

Google Translate is an established favourite, and can be used in multiple Android apps. Translate individual text or entire documents and web pages. It can struggle with complicated sentences and placing in context, but still retains its place as one of the best free options for both web and mobile.

Speak & Translate is the iPhone app with a twist. Speak into your phone and the app will translate the words into your chosen language. Type in any phrase in any language and get an instant conversion into the language you’ve selected. Instantly speak 42 languages and hold written conversations in 100 languages, according to the marketing information.

  1. Organise your gadgets and devices

Never lose a gadget or cable again with an organisation system like Grid-It, involving a unique complex of rubberised elastic bands to hold in place a multitude of widgets. Great for placing in your suitcase, you’ll find all your digital devices and accessories held safely in one area.

If it’s been a while since you travelled on business, and you think the only vital travel accessory is a toothbrush, it will pay to do some research before you go! You might be amazed by the selection of technology now geared to making your business travel a transformative experience.