How a Toll Free Number Can Increase Your Leads and Sales

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How a Toll Free Number Can Increase Your Leads and Sales

You may not realise it, but having a toll free number that is free of charge for customers to call from a landline, can be extremely beneficial for your business. They enable consumers to contact you using an easy, stress free method that will almost always result in a happy ending. This “happy ending” could be a successful sale, a pleasant conversation that satisfies their need for more information or the resolution of an issue. Ideally you would like to make sales, but leaving a positive impression with your customer (no matter the outcome of the conversation) will make it more likely that they return in the future and recommend your business to others. Still need convincing? Here are a few reasons we believe investing in a toll-free number is worthwhile.

Easy call to action

We all know that feeling of getting excited about an offer, before realising that the process of redeeming it is too complicated and not worth our time. The great thing about a toll-free number is that it is such a simple way to call your customers to action! Everyone has access to a phone and dialing a number is quick and easy with no strings attached.


Toll-free numbers are easy to remember and recall. This is beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, who doesn’t want their business number to be stuck in people’s minds? Those who hear or see an advertisement and dial straight away will do it with ease, and those who have the number ingrained in their memory will be able to recall it at a later date when they require a service or product. Many organisations create a toll-free number based on a word – for example, 1800 RESPECT (Australia’s domestic abuse hotline) or 1800 REVERSE (company that enables you to make reverse charge calls if you are out of credit).

Brand perception

Many customers feel as though they can trust and rely on a large, popular brand. Toll-free numbers often give the perception that the business is bigger than it actually is, because there is no specific area code and it seems like something only a thriving company would pay for (when it’s actually very affordable). This can also help your business grow and expand beyond the borders of your state or territory, as people are not put off by your location or size. In fact, utilising a toll-free number may actually cause consumers to view your brand as generous and customer-oriented, making them more likely to trust and spend money on your business.

Resolve rather than return

If your toll-free number is the main point of contact for customers, it is likely you will receive any complaints or queries through the phone. This is an excellent opportunity to resolve the problem, rather than let the customer return the product or discontinue using your services. Implementing this strategy requires problem-solving and sales skills. The better you are at fixing issues and giving the customer something to be happy about, the more likely they are to be satisfied and resume their pleasant association with the brand. Ensure that whoever is handling calls knows how to help customers in this manner – excellent service and phone manner is essential.

With the right marketing strategy and customer service, a toll-free number will help you increase your leads and sales, helping your brand to thrive in the market. Zintel offers a range of toll-free numbers with exciting in-built call management features and round the clock customer service. Start a thirty-day free trial today and discover the difference it can make to your sales. Investing in a toll-free number for your business might be the best decision you ever make.