Five Events for Aspiring Tech Entrepreneurs

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Five Events for Aspiring Tech Entrepreneurs

If you’re an energetic start-up big on enthusiasm but short on resources, help is at hand.
Australia now boasts a heap of tech-related events, conferences and collaborations, all aimed at uniting the country’s growing band of innovative businesses.

Our list is a great jumping-off point for anyone interested in developing their technology know-how, building business relationships and taking their start-up to the next level.

1. Tech23.2015

Where better to start than the seventh annual Tech23 event, scheduled for 17 November in Sydney?

This CSIRO-inspired conference is where you can meet investors, entrepreneurs and innovators from across the spectrum of Australian enterprise, government, universities and industry. It’s all about showcasing the cream of homegrown talent, and linking up hot technology with available capital to help dreams become reality.

2. Remix Sydney Summit

The annual Remix Sydney summit in June is the perfect forum for creatives and companies to share information and form new business relationships.

Hundreds of tech pioneers and disruptive entrepreneurs from around the globe gather each year to explore the intersection of culture, technology and entrepreneurship. It’s an exciting and vibrant environment for anyone wanting to take real strides in this competitive area.

Remix Sydney is part of a series of summits held in the world’s leading creative capitals including London, New York and Dubai. It’s all about the big ideas shaping the creative and tech global economy.

3. CeBIT Australia

Another Sydney favourite is CeBIT Australia, the country’s largest business event which focuses on providing business solutions via technology. CeBIT features an absolute feast of tech content including 12 technology conferences and a showfloor of 350 world technology exhibitors.

Scheduled for Sydney’s Olympic Park from 2-4 May 2016, it’s all about start-ups, with a separate section of the exhibition dedicated to the latest start-up technology. A start-up conference and Pitchfest will also bring together the best innovations in the market.

4. The Entrepreneurs Unconvention

See and hear top Australian entrepreneurs describe their journey from humble beginnings to wealth and fame.

The Unconvention gathers 21st century pioneers with the capacity to inspire and encourage struggling start-ups in their bid to bring exciting new products and services to market.

Running with a series of staggered events in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Auckland between now and March 2016, this is a happening of major significance for entrepreneurs in Australia and New Zealand.

5. Silicon Beach Australia

This website community was created with the aim of bringing Australian tech start-ups together in a similar way to the original Silicon Valley network of techie innovators.

Beginning as a web forum in 2008, the site has expanded into a national resource, jobs board and technology-based social event calendar uniting individuals and businesses across the country.

So there’s a large and growing community across Australia aimed at connecting start-ups, promoting new technology and sharing vital information to help you develop, market and finance your great business idea.

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