The age of mobile technology – Run your business on the go

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The age of mobile technology – Run your business on the go

The mobility of business has become a growing trend in the 21st century. Thanks to the invention of technologies that allow us to work on the go, it is now possible for business owners to skip out on the office and fulfil their role from home, the local café, interstate or overseas. The internet is accessible to most business owners, and therefore the possibility of mobile working is also available to them. Here are some steps you need to take before deciding if running your business on the go is the right choice.

Have You Hit a Roadblock?
We all have moments where our creative juices stop flowing and we lose our inspiration and motivation to work. When considering a change of pace or location, it is important to assess whether your business is thriving or deteriorating in it’s current environment. If you judge it to be the latter, working remotely could be what you need to start flourishing again.

Physical vs Virtual
If your business relies heavily on face-to-face interaction with customers and a bricks-and mortar location, switching to a mobile workplace or online sales point may not be the best idea. It is particularly important to analyse your customers and the type of shopping they prefer. For example, older consumers tend to be more inclined to prefer physical shopping over the uncertainty of ordering something online.

Do You Need to Save Money?
Working remotely is a great option for anyone (business owners and professionals alike) who want to reduce their spend. When you work from home, you lessen the costs incurred by things like rent and transport. Many online start-ups begin with founders slugging it out at home, before moving to an office environment when they can afford it.

Are You Already a Workaholic?
Being a workaholic has its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, your dedication and interest in your work (very common with entrepreneurs) makes working easier and more enjoyable. However, working too much can have a negative effect – taking over your life and impacting on your physical, mental and social wellbeing. If you choose to work remotely, you will need to learn to set limits, as you would if you were working in a physical location, so as to not become overwhelmed and overworked.

Utilise Online Communication and  Storage
Working in a team where everyone is on the go can be difficult. Are you comfortable with the majority of your communication being via e-mail or messenger apps (for quick updates) or do you prefer in person conversations? Are you comfortable with sharing files online? Some people aren’t – they are concerned about privacy and being hacked. If you work remotely, you will likely need to use these tools, so consider if you are willing and able to do so.

You Need an Internet Connection – and Lots of Data
Running out of data is very common for heavy internet users, and it can be frustrating and expensive to deal with. As a business owner running a business on the go, internet is ESSENTIAL. You need internet at home and on your mobile devices – in fact, it will probably be one of, if not your biggest, running cost.

Don’t Get Lazy
Are you a serial procrastinator, or someone who struggles to get out of bed in the morning? Working from home can be troublesome for these types of people, as it is easier to get distracted and be lazy in the comfortable environment of home. Though you are working on the go and your schedule may differ from a standard 9 till 5 routine, try to wake up early and change into an outfit that will make you feel productive, rather than staying in your pyjamas all day. Similarly, block out time to work on your business, whereby you MUST say no to any distractions that you wouldn’t have in a normal workplace.

Working remotely will provide you with a great amount of flexibility – but some people thrive under a strict routine, and that isn’t a bad thing. Before making the leap, do your research and figure out if it is going to suit your business and your personality. If you do decide to go mobile, adopt technology that is going to make your communication seamless and tasks easier to complete from any location. Running a business on the go is an incredible privilege – make the most of it!