6 Ways Call Management Technology Can Benefit Your Business

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6 Ways Call Management Technology Can Benefit Your Business

Excellent customer service never goes out of style, and one way to achieve it is by utilising a call management system.  Call management technology ensures that inbound calls are met with efficiency, saving your business time and leaving callers satisfied. Whether you’re running a big company or a small business, call management can help you handle the phone lines. Here are six ways Zintel is helping businesses improve their telecommunication.

Never Miss a Call
In business, missing a call could mean missing a big sale or creating a disgruntled customer.  Call management technology ensures that you never miss a call by using a number of methods. The call overflow feature will prevent missed calls by directing people to an “overflow” number that can handle extra calls when the main line is too busy. You can also easily forward a call through to another landline or mobile phone, enabling busy staffers to pass calls on to busy colleagues.

Divide Your Business and Personal Calls
By distinguishing between business and personal calls, call management technology lets you prioritise and mentally prepare for the type of conversation you are going to have. The call announces feature available with every Zintel phone package identifies the name and number of the caller. For an additional cost, you can set up a custom message that lets the caller record the reason they are calling. This will enable your business to manage calls effectively by giving you a moment to assess with urgency and importance of the call, before choosing to answer or redirect.

Customised Greeting
The customised greeting feature allows callers to control where they are routed, by offering a recorded menu. Callers use the number buttons to select where their call is sent. A customised greeting will not only make your business calls more efficient, but it will also portray a professional image to your customers.

Sends Voicemail to E-mail
Sometimes it is easy to forget to check your voicemail, especially when you’re busy. By forwarding messages to your e-mail using a voicemail to email service, call management services ensure that you can access voicemail any time, any where – not just when you are at the office.

Records Your Call
Ever forgotten something important that was discussed in a phone call and wished you could have it recorded? Now you can. Call recording enables you record inbound calls and review them at any time. The service could be used to improve customer service, resolve disputes or double check information at a later date.

Time and Day Routing
Imagine how much easier it would be if a persons work number didn’t receive calls when they are finished for the day or on holiday. With Zintel’s time routing feature, you can reroute calls based on the time of the day. For example, if Jennifer finishes work at 2pm, calls to her phone will automatically be directed to the next relevant point of contact after that time. Similarly, if she works three days per week, calls will be redirected on the remaining two days.

Dedicate some time to researching call management solutions. We’re certain that you will agree that all types businesses can benefit from call management technology.